Help Me Design My Kitchen – Part 2

26 05 2009

Section 2:   The  Working  Triangle

The ‘working triangle’ is a way of  combining the three main functional areas of the whole  kitchen, into an ergonomic design, helping  to  create three ‘working  zones’.
These three areas are:

1. Food  Storage and  Preparation

2. Cooking.

3. Washing.

1. Food  Storage  &  Preparation.

This  area  will include your  fridge/fridge freezer and will also require ample worktop space for food preparation. Storage cupboards in this area will allow you to have easy access to food items, utensils, chopping boards  etc.

2:  Cooking

Try to ensure that there is  enough space  around the  hob and  oven  to place  hot pans or trays on the work  surface. This will help  to  prevent the many accidents that typically happen due to having to  walk around the kitchen with  hot pans.

Also  remember that the hob and oven do not  necessarily need to be located close  to each other in the  same  area of the  kitchen.

3: Washing

The washing area should be located near to where pots, pans, plates, and  cutlery are stored.  There should  be  sufficient space around the sink area to allow for draining, and it is important that  this area is located away from food preparation as this is the most likely place to store cleaning products and other potentially harmful chemicals.




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