Help Me Design My Kitchen – Part 1, Overview

28 04 2009

The Kitchen is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used  room in the house, and the various functions the kitchen of today is asked to perform ,requires accurate planning and good design.  A good starting point is to look at the various ways  in which your Kitchen is used, how often , and who uses the  kitchen (I’m always suprised when  I visit a home how often the person who never does the cooking decides on where eveything goes!) This  will provide you with a list of basic design requirements for your kitchen that need to be met.

Measuring  Your  Kitchen

This is the most important part of the process  and  requires accuracy  to ensure your  kitchen fits perfectly.  Below are some handy  measuring tips.

1  Always measure in  millimetres (mm) as this is now the  industry standard for unit dimensions. It also saves time converting measurements later on !

2.Measure each Kitchen wall separately and in a clockwise direction.

3.Show accurate positions of doors and windows and  remember to include the outer frames (architraves etc) in the measurements.

4.Include all structural  elements such as  beams, recesses,  ect that are fixed and will not be altered during renovation.

5 Detail the positioning of water ,gas, and  electricity points and decide early on whether these are to stay as they are or if you are prepared to move them. This will have an impact on both your  design and  budget.

6 Measure the  ceiling height  of your kitchen as this will have a bearing on wall unit  heights.

7 Draw a  plan  of your  kitchen as it looks now,  including units and  appliances, and decide if there are any  elements of  the  design, or appliances  that you wish to keep.

8 Last  and most  importantly…DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING.




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